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A Lesson in Seduction

Seduction is a science. It’s a formula comprised of calculated and sometimes volatile elements. Biology, chemistry, geometry and psychology intertwine like pairs of long legs wrapped in white sheets. It’s also an art form – a colour-soaked brush caressing objects of desire and an improvised dance choreographed by lust.

Some of us have mastered these skills, fallen prey to them, or aspire to be one of the great seducers of time. Whichever category you fall into, it’s in your best interest to be familiar with the ways of enchantment so you can recognize it or play along with it.

Meet a few seducers from history… and then practice your art in OPUS Bar.

There’s no denying that the luminous Marilyn Monroe had the ability to twirl men around her fingertips with one demure look. She was unquestionably a beautiful woman, but the heart of her seduction lay in her playful attitude towards flirtation and sex. She exuded both in her calculated walk that vibrated across a room and sultry voice that could tickle ears like a feather. Her charming light and energy attracted troops of men, both single and married, and her effervescence lingers on even after death.

“Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

Cleopatra’s secret was her power to dazzle men with grand spectacles and theatrical feats. She fed Julius Caesar and Mark Antony with exotic sights, spellbinding them into enchantment. Upon her first meeting with Caesar, she transfixed him with the art of surprise – she presented herself in his chambers rolled up in an opulent carpet on the shoulders of a merchant. Once her targeted men were sufficiently mesmerized, she would feign disinterest only to make them more persistent.

The romantic allure of Casanova reverberated around Europe in the 1700s. He wooed dissatisfied women by whispering sweet words they had never heard before. The seducer snuck in windows, hid in closets, and ran from angry husbands and fathers all in the name of what his victims would call love, but what he merely called lust. He was irresistible simply because he provided a woman with something she subconsciously felt was missing in her life.

And then there’s Jack Nicholson, a man with six children from five different women. If it weren’t for his dark sunglasses, the mischievous sparkle in his eyes could impregnate women with just one glance. Even Jennifer Lawrence fell under the 71 year old’s spell backstage at this year’s Oscars (watch the video).

“I only take Viagra when I’m with more than one woman.” ~ Jack Nicholson

~ Sandra O’Connell