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What we’re drinking at OPUS

On a rainy Vancouver day, I found myself not puddle jumping, but instead evoking the warm Italian air at OPUS Bar.

Jay Paré, the new General Manager of La Pentola and OPUS Bar, has named April as the month of the Negroni. The classic beverage, conceived in Florence in 1919, transports sippers to the shores of the Italian coast with just one taste.

Forget April showers. Imagine lounging on the deck of a yacht, the heat of the Mediterranean sun on your back, and a paramour chilling your skin by dragging an icy glass of Negroni against your burning neck. Do you have shivers?

The bitter-sweet Campari and orange zest, stirred with barrel-aged Victoria gin and Cinzano Rosso create a rich and vivacious cocktail, very near in colour to the Hermes-orange walls of our Pierre rooms.

Ask barman, Ben, to concoct a Negroni for you and see what Italian dreams crop up.

- Sandra O’Connell