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Escape to Los Angeles

There’s this distinctive smell in the air that hits you when the doors from LAX open into Los Angeles. It’s a heady mix of Marilyn Monroe’s rose geranium perfume, the whiskey soaked breath of Charles Bukowski, the ink from Harvey Weinstein’s pen signing off on a flurry of deals, the salty Pacific Ocean breeze, and that sweet smell of hope and dreams.

The city, spread across a sea of palm trees, checkered bungalows, and headlight-lit streets, sucks visitors in with a smacking of its red-stained lips. If you only have a weekend in LA, you must spend it imbibing in the energy with tastefully savoured mouthfuls.

We’ve got some OPUS-approved destinations to stumble upon during your visit.


Chateau Marmont or Sunset Marquis for Hollywood and Rock and Roll histories that can be felt on your skin as you walk the hallways or lounge by the pools.


Grab a sandwich at Joan’s on Third or succumb to vegan-ism at Veggie Grill. For dinner, savour Italian cuisine at Ceconni’s or lounge on pillows at Fig & Olive.


Get yourself to Santa Monica to watch the sunset while sipping on a Bitchin’ Sangria at The Bungalow. Listen to jazz at the Parisian-inspired Pour Vous. Drink a bourbon at Bar 1200 at the Sunset Marquis. And you can’t go wrong with a martini at the timeless Polo Lounge at the Beverly Hills Hotel.


Hop in a car and cruise the winding roads of the Hollywood Hills before hiking through Bronson Canyon in Griffith Park (home of the Batcave). If you make it before the end of June, get inside Stanley Kubrick’s head at an exhibit dedicated to his works at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Salivate over art at the Getty Center. Admire another culture at the Malibu Hindu Temple. Shop for sartorial finds on Melrose Avenue.

~ Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider

Images from top: Cindy Crawford by Terry Richardson; Chateau Marmont; view of LA from the Hollywood sign; Bar 1200 at Sunset Marquis, Griffith Park Trails, streets of LA.

A restyled hotel. A revamped blog.

At OPUS Hotel we hope to tease you with creativity and caress you with personality. It only seems fitting that with the redesign of our rooms, we should redesign our blog.

Welcome to the new OPUS Hotel blog – a collection of items that tickle our fancy and hopefully yours.

Curated by our OPUS Insider, Sandra O’Connell, the blog will include news from the rooms and bar of OPUS, art, music, fashion, film, and other morsels of the aesthetically and culturally arousing.

Here’s a glimpse of some of our newly redesigned rooms.