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Street Notoriety

Banksy’s speciality is creating a stir – not only with his meaningful graffiti art but with his much criticized opinion piece on the World Trade Center that got denied by the New York Times. Few know who the mysterious artist truly is, but his anonymity only adds to the appeal. It’s when the mask comes off and all is revealed when we may lose interest, proving, once again, that mystery holds attention.

Here’s a few reasons why we still love Banksy:

1. He’s influenced by the stars and sprays his art in the quiet of night.

2. He takes risks with his creativity, providing art that evokes thought and debate.

3. Under anonymity, he set up a stand in Central Park and sold his pieces for $60 each - works of art that usually sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

4. Commercialization and money aren’t his bag. He just wants to tell his message through art.

5. After learning that a homeless man was living in a water tank he had covered with graffiti, Banksy gave him enough money to get an apartment and support himself for a year.

6. He does what he loves. The ultimate rule to life.

Now, will Banksy ever be lured to Vancouver?

~ Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider