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If there’s one thing girls like to do, something that has stayed with us throughout the decades, it’s twirling. Seriously. From lush, green meadows to clothes-strewn bedrooms to resplendent ballrooms to gritty street corners, we spin to feel the wind whoosh through our hair and fingers, to blur the world around us into a dream-like state with a smile plastered on our faces.

But twirling is not truly twirling without the appropriate miniskirt swirling out around us - capturing the breeze under the hem and thrilling wandering eyes with a glimpse of flesh.

PARTYSKIRTS by Skot Apparel, the latest fashion fever out of Vancouver, are made to be twirled. The brilliant silk skirts designed by stylish and business-minded sisters Lauren and Mariel Armstrong are the most desired party companion in the city (and soon to be many more cities). Flirtatious, eye-catching, and, most importantly, fun, the skirts meet exploring and desirous attention from men and women alike, and make every night something to celebrate.

Meet Lauren and Mariel…

What kind of woman wears a PartySkirt?

Every woman! We love to see a PARTYSKIRT on a girl with a t-shirt, jean jacket, and flats and a lady length on a girl with a fitted blazer and heels. One skirt, one million ways!

What’s been the most exciting moment since starting your company?

We have two moments - hosting our own PARTYSKIRTS party at Blubird for our spring launch. AND our Teen Vogue online feature - it has been a whirlwind ever since!!!

Do you have plans to expand to retailers in the US?

Absolutely! Stay tuned to hear about our PARTYSKIRTS events we are planning in the US, hopefully for Fall 2013.

Favourite PartySkirt?

Lauren: Magenta (there is something about pink that makes you feel fabulous!)
Mariel: Poppy red (it is girly and stands out!)

What fashion icons inspire you?

Lauren: I love the 1960’s and Hitchcock movies for fashion inspiration. Grace Kelly has always been my favourite.
Mariel: I am inspired by street style. And I don’t believe in fashion rules, I always make my own.

Get your own pretty PartySkirt online here and give it a spin at OPUS Bar.

~ Sandra O’Connell