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The Intoxications of Coachella

Some may think that the quickest route to intoxication is through vodka martinis or a prohibited substance. But in actual fact, music has the greatest power to morph mental states, bend perspectives, and change moods.

Coachella, held over the past two weekends in Palm Springs, is a mecca for those daring souls who leave themselves vulnerable to music, allowing sounds to twist inside their bodies changing them forever. But it’s not just music that draws people to the desert – it’s a community of people, an eternal runway of fashion that turns on the eyes, and an uninhibited experience never to be forgotten.

Band of Horses, Blur, The XX, Violent Femmes, Hot Chip, Jessie Ware, La Roux, Metric, Moby, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Stars, and even Wu-Tang Clan provided a diverse and palatable buffet for the ears.

If you didn’t get the pleasure of feeling the sun on your dance-strained muscles, grass prickling the backs of your legs, or the surprisingly comfortable sensation of thousands of strangers bumping against your bare skin, here are some highlights from the festival…

The most obscure and unexpected collaborations are the most impactful. Phoenix and R. Kelly joined forces in an unbelievable 1901 / Ignition mash up.

Watch the video.

Never believe a band when they say they’re done. Postal Service made their most wished for return with Such Great Heights. (On that note… Dear LCD Soundsystem, please come back quick)

Watch the video.

The Lumineers’ Ho Hey attaches itself to mouths, upturning corners without permission. It is absolutely impossible not to grin when this tune sings.

Watch the video.

Images from Huffington Post, Pop Sugar, Harpers Bazaar.

- Sandra O’Connell


Eternally Prince

Whether going by Prince, the Artist Formerly Known as Prince, or simply a seductively cryptic symbol, the musician’s name carries an opulent weight. The mere uttering of his title can chime off a series of arousing notes into the air. He’s an icon of several generations, his songs relevant to consecutive decades of ears. 

Prince’s music is attached such cataclysmic moments as a young Julia Roberts singing in a tub of decadent bubbles in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, while a young (yet still grey) Richard Gere looks on with amusement; 1999 when his eponymous song suddenly rose to popularity again 17 years after it was released; and that warning label every teenager tries to hide from their parents that states “Parental Advisory: Explicit Lyrics”, which was birthed after the words in Darling Nikki made a certain politician with children squirm.

The legendary musician just finished a Vancouver tour where he turned crowds delirious at The Vogue Theatre for a staggering four shows.

If you missed it… or just can’t get enough Prince… here are some of our favourite Prince numbers…

Purple Rain

In some (most) situations, this tune is an unspoken cue to take off your clothes.

View video here

Sexy M.F.

Not only does the video give us a satirical glimpse to 1992, but the song has the power to turn any situation into a dance floor.

View video here

American Woman

Rock and pop icons, Lenny Kravitz and Prince, merge to curl the toes of an anonymous American Woman at Rave Un2 the Year 2000.

View video here

- Sandra O’Connell

What we’re listening to this month

Stop everything immediately. Turn up the volume. Close your eyes. And let these musical treats for the lobes wiggle their way inside you.

The Futures League – Mojo Back: (featured above)

New to the Los Angeles music scene, this band’s sound is commanding attention across North America. Most recently, The Futures League knocked people over with their wave of music at SXSW. 

Alex Hepburn – How does it feel:

Wrapped in a musical cocoon of soul, rock, and blues, London-born Alex Hepburn’s voice is a juxtaposed blend of the robustly tender.

View video

Scratch Massive – Paris:

Comprised of Maud Geffray and Sébastien Chenut, this French duo hypnotizes listeners with their seductive beats. Zoe Cassavetes, known for her indie love story Broken English, directed this melancholic video narrating the story of a trio of lovers. 

View video


- Sandra O’Connell

A restyled hotel. A revamped blog.

At OPUS Hotel we hope to tease you with creativity and caress you with personality. It only seems fitting that with the redesign of our rooms, we should redesign our blog.

Welcome to the new OPUS Hotel blog – a collection of items that tickle our fancy and hopefully yours.

Curated by our OPUS Insider, Sandra O’Connell, the blog will include news from the rooms and bar of OPUS, art, music, fashion, film, and other morsels of the aesthetically and culturally arousing.

Here’s a glimpse of some of our newly redesigned rooms.