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What we’re listening to this May

Turn these up. Spin around your room. Close your eyes tight.

Wild Nothing – Paradise

Watch video above.

This track by Wild Nothing takes you (and Michelle Williams) above the clouds to a time when we listened to cassette tapes, read hard cover books, and when Pet Shop Boys reigned. Pay attention to the words Williams speaks from A Word Child and try to make out pictures in the clouds.

Jessie Ware – Running

Watch the video.

Can we take a moment (a rather long moment) to dream about the vivacious Jessie Ware? Her voice lingers on in our ears for hours after the music stops. The South London raised woman may give Adele a run for her money…

Fever Ray – When I Grow Up

Watch the video.

There is no telling what your body may do while listening to this soulful song from the debut solo album of Fever Ray. Recognize the sound? That’s because it’s Karin Dreijer Anderssonby of The Knife. As you listen, your spine may twist and your teeth may bite your lower lip. No promises… but maybe…

~ Sandra O’Connell