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Decorate your body

If you’re not dressing up during the holiday season, you’re doing it wrong. Snow flurries and rain downpours are no match for the sparkling dresses, twirling skirts, dapper suits, and shiny shoes showing off in houses, restaurants, and hotel ballrooms across the city.

Get inspired with some of our favourite holiday looks that have blown through holidays past and present.

Where will you find your holiday threads this year?

~ Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider

Images (left to right, top to bottom): Free People dress 2013; Anthropologie dress 2013; Vogue Spain December 2012; Vogue December 1997; Dolce & Gabbana FW14; Vogue Russia December 2010

Why walk when you could strut?

Some boots are built for snow drifts. Others for puddle jumping. Many for sidewalk strutting. And a few for merely gazing upon with wonder. We’ve found a selection of boots that make us wish for winter year round.

Which ones do you desire?

Boots (from left to right, top to bottom): Pucci, Theyskens’ Theory, Chloe, DSquared2, Lucchese, Rag & Bone, Unknown girls’ boots

~ Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider

Ziggy Lives

Have you caught it yet? The fever. It’s infectious. With one note, one glimpse, one listen.

David Bowie fever first broke four decades ago and it’s still spreading and affecting people around the world. His music has stayed relevant throughout the disco, rock, pop, and electronic eras, and this year he released his first new album in 10 years proving his music can still go viral.

But it’s not just the music that draws people in, it’s him. His energy, sexuality, fashion, intelligence, eccentricities arouse and magnetize. Nobody is safe. All are susceptible.

This is why we love David Bowie…

1. His painted face in Labyrinth was more desired than Jennifer Connelly’s makeup amongst women of the 80s everywhere. And despite his creepy character, the sex appeal oozes out of him.


2. Bowie’s Space Oddity number made it outside earth when Chris Hatfield covered it from the International Space Station. Ziggy Stardust would be proud.


3. He reads. Volumes and volumes of books. Start checking off page turners from his top 100 list.


4. Bowie’s the subject of an exhibit that originated in London’s Victoria and Albert museum and has now made its way to Toronto’s AGO. His costumes, art work, instruments, and music are all on display for hungry fans. 


5. He’s a trained mime and he turned down a knighthood from the Queen. Need we say more?

~Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider

On Two Wheels

Just because fall has arrived, doesn’t mean it’s time to lock up your bicycles. In fact, the crunchy, crispy sound of leaves under wheels is just as enchanting as when heard underfoot.

When you stay at OPUS Hotel, take a spin on one of our complimentary bikes. There’s something freeing and fanciful about the fall wind slipping its fingers through your hair when winding along the seawall.

Find more cycling inspiration at Cycle EXIF.

~ Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider

Images from left to right, top to bottom: Kenevans at Pony Bikes in Melbourne via Cycle EXIF; Annie Leibovitz featuring Cate Blanchett for Vogue 2004; Kinfolk via Cycle EXIF; Steven Meisel for Vogue 1999; Steven Meisel for Vogue 1998; Sman Wooden Cruiser via Cycle EXIF; Steven Meisel for Vogue 2009.


Fashion Soundtracks

The biannual quartet of fashion weeks has almost come to an end. New York, London and Milan catwalks have shown their Spring/Summer treats in lead up to the Paris finale, which closes on October 2nd. While all eyes will be on the clothes as they stream through our screens, ears present at the shows were privy to the sounds that each designer paired with their collection.

Here are some of our favourites…

Burberry Prorsum
Budapest by George Ezra


3.1 Phillip Lim
Barracuda by Heart


Diane von Furstenberg 
Lose Yourself to Dance by Daft Punk and Pharrell Williams


House of Holland

Werkin Girls by Angel Haze


Thom Browne
It’s Oh So Quiet by Bjork


~Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider

Images (left to right, top to bottom): Burberry Prorsum, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Diane von Furstenberg, House of Holland, Thom Browne

What to wear on your face this fall

As night blankets our days sooner and weather blows a chill on us, we not only adjust our clothes, but also our faces. Makeup this coming fall and winter is rich with berries and smoke. Blackberries, cranberries, raspberries. Lips will be painted with deep hues that whisper notes of sophistication. Eyes will be smoky with black charcoal, reminding us that punk is here to stay. Eyebrows are meant to be natural, bushy and bold - neglect your tweezers. And if you’re feeling truly bold, get futuristic with your eye designs.

~ Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider

Images (left to right, top to bottom): Dolce & Gabbana, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, Anna Sui, Michael Kors, Rochas, Rodarte

Sustainable Style

Vancouver is rampant with designers of covetable fashions. But our eyes are drawn to those who create with the planet’s best interests in mind. Enter Nicole Bridger.

Her sustainable, ethical clothing line is modern, chic, and defies all assumptions people may have held about eco-friendly clothing in the past.

The Nicole Bridger Fall 2013 collection has us all dreamy-eyed. Visit her boutique at 2151 West 4th Avenue or shop online at

~ Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider

Vancouver’s got blogs

There’s so much information zooming and zipping through the internet that it’s hard to know when and where we should reach out our hands (or click our finger to the mouse) to grasp onto a succulent piece of knowledge.

To assist you in your surfing, here are a few Vancouver-based bloggers we like to check in with:

Erin Ireland

Not only is she the founder of To Die For Banana Bread, a heavenly phenomenon that has swept across the city, Erin Ireland knows anything and everything with a culinary twist, including the best restaurants, cafes and bars in town.

Expect salivating upon clicking…

Bullet with Butterfly Wings

A beautiful and whimsical collection of décor, fashion, and lifestyle treasures are housed within the pages of Kate Horsman’s Bullet with Butterfly Wings.

Your eyes will light up…


When we need a little (or a lot) of creative inspiration, we open up Booooooom, curated and designed by Jeff Hamada, for an onslaught of music, film, photography and all things artful.

There’s no telling what you’ll create after a visit here…

Look for the Girl

Magical words of poetry, whispers of literature, and provocative images are captured at Look for the Girl – dedicated to the dreamers, lovers, and the mysterious woman behind the site.

Cue heart swoons and language lust…

~ Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider

90s Replayed

The 90s may have occurred forever and a day ago, but the fashions from that decade doused in hip hop and grunge are still repeating themselves today. Neon reminiscent of the Fly Girls and plaid once reserved for Seattle bands have been rejuvenated for 2013. Time to dig deep in your closets and watch old episodes of My So-Called Life, In Living Color, and Beverly Hills, 90210 for inspiration.

~Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider

Fashions in Yaletown

Checkered amongst the deliciously scented restaurants and desirable bars of Yaletown, there lie a selection of boutiques carrying treasures for your body and trouble for your wallet. Window displays will lure you in against your will and clothes will leap off the racks and into your hands.

You may find yourself leaving one of these fabulous Yaletown boutiques juggling a cluster of shopping bags:


Upon entering this spacious and bright store, your head will become woozy with fashion intoxication. Beautiful items from A.L.C., Barbara Bui, J Brand, Jenni Kayne, Line, and Preen will want to be yours as you float from hanger to hanger and shelf to shelf.

1189 Hamilton Street

Fine Finds

When in need of a gift, it is known across the city that one will snap up that perfect trinket at Fine Finds. Shiny jewelry, unique clothing, baby accessories, and quirky cards fill the shop. Warning: You’ll leave with more than a gift.

1014 Mainland Street

The Cross

Once you cross the threshold of this décor boutique, you may not emerge for hours. There are too many items of fancy and picturesque books to fondle and eye… ideal for satiating your curiosity.

1198 Homer Street

Brooklyn Clothing Co.

Men (and girlfriends) will have all of their denim dreams answered at this trendy store on the edges of Yaletown. If it’s made of denim or goes with denim, you’ll find it here. Don’t be scared by the huge selection of brands and styles… the staff will pull out exactly what you’re looking for.

418 Davie Street

~ Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider