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Telling tales in Vancouver

We see a lot of stories coming through OPUS Hotel. Everybody who stays here has a story. Some of them even tell stories for a living. There is so much we can learn from another’s experiences. But if you’re not one to ask a stranger to tell their tale, find yourself at one of these Vancouver storytelling events:

PechaKucha: 20 slides at 20 seconds each add up to six minutes and forty seconds per speaker at this series that is held in 447 cities around the world. Presenters have included Danielle La Porte, Mark Brand, Devon Brooks, and OPUS’ own John Evans.

Creative Mornings: Once a month, in the early hours of a Friday, a small group gather to listen to one person’s idea of creativity. The room is small enough to encourage questions and interaction, while inspiration bounces off the walls.

Rain City Chronicles: This evening of music and talking allows anyone to get on stage to tell their story. From the guy who pours your beer to the voice you hear on the radio. This night is about bringing a community together.

Monday Night Live: On a regular basis, East of Main Café, a huge supporter of Project Limelight, opens its doors for storytelling. Actors, directors, writers, and other members of Vancouver’s film community are given seven minutes to tell a true tale on a provided topic.

~ Sandra O’Connell, OPUS Insider