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What we’re drinking at OPUS

On a rainy Vancouver day, I found myself not puddle jumping, but instead evoking the warm Italian air at OPUS Bar.

Jay Paré, the new General Manager of La Pentola and OPUS Bar, has named April as the month of the Negroni. The classic beverage, conceived in Florence in 1919, transports sippers to the shores of the Italian coast with just one taste.

Forget April showers. Imagine lounging on the deck of a yacht, the heat of the Mediterranean sun on your back, and a paramour chilling your skin by dragging an icy glass of Negroni against your burning neck. Do you have shivers?

The bitter-sweet Campari and orange zest, stirred with barrel-aged Victoria gin and Cinzano Rosso create a rich and vivacious cocktail, very near in colour to the Hermes-orange walls of our Pierre rooms.

Ask barman, Ben, to concoct a Negroni for you and see what Italian dreams crop up.

- Sandra O’Connell

Fashionable photoshoots behind hotel doors

Hotels are home to all sorts of illicit activities. Weekend trysts, business reprieves, glamorous retreats, and scandalous affairs. Most aren’t documented outside of personal video collections or brilliant red diary covers.

Our only real peek exists in photoshoots, which capture contrived scenes of fantasy and give us a look at some of the salacious scenarios that may take place.

We were inspired by our recent #OPUSRevamped photoshoot to peer inside other imaginary worlds. Behold some of our favourite fashion shoots from behind hotel room doors.

Kate Moss at the Ritz Paris for Vogue. Photographed by Tim Walker.

Sasha Grey at the Sunset Marquis Hotel for BlackBook Magazine. Photographed by Pieter Henket.

Pierre du Calvet Hotel featured in Dressed to Kill Magazine. Photographed by Max Abadian.

Kristen McMenamy at the Chelsea Hotel for Vogue Italia. Photographed by Steven Meisel.

- Sandra O’Connell

Behind the scenes at the OPUS Revamped photoshoot

After revamping our rooms at OPUS Hotel, it’s only natural that we show them off. Last month, we gathered a few creative minds and eyes to capture scripted acts unfold in the hotel.

Joined by Melbourne photographer Laura Manariti, we traipsed about the hotel creating scenes of mischief, amour, and amusement. We put ourselves into the lives of our diverse guests and set up scenarios that may ordinarily remain behind closed doors.

Racks of clothing containing items from Wear Else, JC Studio, Stylista Clothing Co., Scotch & Soda, Shoe Phix, Sienna Ray & Co., Boys’ Co., and Shine Jewels descended upon the second floor meeting room, filling the space with brilliant colour, opulent textures, and the odd sequin twinkling from the depths of fabrics. There were more clothes than the average man or woman has in their closets, and all were fit for one of our lifestyle muses.

With the help of stylists Crystal Carson and Gian Carlo, and makeup by Emily Cheng, our models, Sandra Laratta, Allyson Grant, Leanne Lewin, Nickeil Marcelle, Matthew Chambers, David Chin, and Josh Kalender,were magically transformed into guests.

We staged scenes of lust and desire in hallways, cheeky rendezvous in rooms, illustrious nights in the bar, and luxurious mornings welcoming the sun. We played Peeping Tom to our models, forgetting they were merely portraying characters as we felt ourselves fall into each setting.

Keep a curious eye out for images from our revealing shoot and imagine yourself in each divine scene.

A big thank you to everyone involved!

- Sandra O’Connell

A restyled hotel. A revamped blog.

At OPUS Hotel we hope to tease you with creativity and caress you with personality. It only seems fitting that with the redesign of our rooms, we should redesign our blog.

Welcome to the new OPUS Hotel blog – a collection of items that tickle our fancy and hopefully yours.

Curated by our OPUS Insider, Sandra O’Connell, the blog will include news from the rooms and bar of OPUS, art, music, fashion, film, and other morsels of the aesthetically and culturally arousing.

Here’s a glimpse of some of our newly redesigned rooms.